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Major Manufacturer of Home Building Products

By January 31, 2022Case Studies






Customer: Major manufacturer of Home Building Products

Application:    Wet Screen (Wet cutting process to remove excess oversized stone/concrete products)

Problem OverviewChain is lasting less than 30 days

Original Products used:  Standard #60 Roller Chain

Solution provided by MAXCO60 PCP Coated & Seal Guard Chain

Initial BenefitsMaxco product lasted over 6 months before needing to be replaced

Recognized Cost Savings:   

Cost of Maxco Seal Guard PCP2 vs Plain Chain $1,100 vs. $450 = $650

Downtime per hour $2,000 X 4 hours installation time = $8,000

Operating cost of chains per year: Maxco $10,200 Competitor $95,800 (includes lost production)

Total Savings using Maxco Chain: $85,000/year

Benefits over other sealed & coated chains:  Competitor’s rubber seals deteriorated much faster due to the grit in the water used in the wet cutting process.  Maxco PCP coating is coated before and after assembly ensuring all components of the chain are protected from the wet environment.