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MAXCO Chain Ltd. and HKK Chain Corporation of America to Merge Operations

By March 14, 2022Company News

HKK Chain Corporation of America and MAXCO Chain, Ltd. today announced that they will merge operations in a process beginning May 2022 to be completed in the first quarter of 2023. Since November 1, 2021, both companies have been held in a common chain group by the Tokyo based Private Equity firm Rising Japan Equity (RJE).

During the initial phase, both Maxco and HKK will share a common field sales group comprised of regional managers, direct field sales personnel, and manufacturer’s representative companies. The field sales activities will be under the direction of Eric Pressley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Glenn Kovach as General Manager Roller Chain (all Brands) .

Despite sharing a common field sales group, during the initial phase of the merger (2022), the operations of HKK and MAXCO will remain independent with the HKK New Jersey office providing support for HKK brand roller chains and the Maxco Georgia office providing support for Maxco brand products. By Q1-2023 we expect to fully merge the two units and operate as a single merged industrial chain company.

In the USA customers of Maxco Chain and HKK Chain will have access to all of the following products:

1. HKK Superior Capacity Plus Roller Chain

2. Maxco’s Inspire Series™ SBR® Roller Chain

3. Maxco’s Hi-Max® Roller Chain

4. Maxco’s Ultra-Max Roller Chain

5. Maxco’s Wastewater Treatment Chains and Components

6. Maxco’s Engineering Class Chains

7. Maxco’s line of Roller Chain Sprockets

The combined company will possess an approximate 11% share of the USA industrial roller chain market. We hope to deliver more value to customers by offering one of the most comprehensive lines of industrial chains and product solutions available anywhere.


David Egbert

Managing Director

MAXCO Chain Ltd.


Fuminori Kojima President

HKK Chain Corporation of America


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