Roller Chain

In 1987 we started manufacturing the first premium line of fully solid bushing-solid roller (SBR®) industrial roller chain products. Today our Inspire Series SBR® chains are the highest rated roller chains in the world.



We offer a wide variety of products and components
for use with every type of wastewater treatment facility equipment.


Engineering Class Chains

We offer a large variety of engineering class chains for heavy-duty power transmission and conveying applications. Many of these chains are made-to-order from special materials or attachments to suit the customers specific application.

A Pioneer in the Industrial Chain Business

Manufacturing the highest quality industrial roller chains,
engineering class chains, and environmental products.


Company News
March 14, 2022

MAXCO Chain Ltd. and HKK Chain Corporation of America to Merge Operations

HKK Chain Corporation of America and MAXCO Chain, Ltd. today announced that they will merge operations in a process beginning May 2022 to be completed in the first quarter of…
Case Studies
January 31, 2022

Major Manufacturer of Home Building Products

          Customer: Major manufacturer of Home Building Products Application:    Wet Screen (Wet cutting process to remove excess oversized stone/concrete products) Problem Overview:  Chain is lasting…

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