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Food & Beverage Case Study

By January 20, 2022Case Studies

Customer:  Manufacturer of a major brand of calorie boost supplement.

Application overview: Pre & post fill conveying and packaging equipment

Review of problem: Corrosion due to daily wash-downs.

Original Product Used: Standard carbon steel chains were the original OEM spec on the packaging and conveying lines.

Solution provided by Maxco:  – Maxco Perfect Coat Plus II.  The customer tested several chains before selecting Perfect Coat Plus II as the spec going forward.

Initial Benefits: Longer wear life due to corrosion resistance (3 to 4 times over standard carbon steel chains). Previous chains needed to be replaced causing unplanned downtime and outages.

Benefits over other “Coated Chains”: After using and testing all chains on the packaging line chains with competitive brands (coated chains) over a couple of years, the end user selected Maxco’s Perfect Coat Plus II due to the superior corrosion resistance and wear life they experienced. Overall, it was the value Maxco offered over other competitors that sold the end user on Perfect Coat Plus II.