MAXCO Inspire Series SBR precision roller chains are the highest rated standard roller chain in the world.

The Inspire Series roller chains are the strongest chains offered by MAXCO and continue to outperform and outlast the competition.

What this chain has over Ultra-Max series, on top of the solid bushings/ solid rollers and all other benefits is the special stainless steel shot peening process making the chain have a slight anti-corrosive property to it and being manufactured in Japan using high-quality raw materials.

It has a patented mechanical treatment for triple zone hardening, the best pre lubricant, and the highest working loads. Something new about the Inspire series chains is the boron steel pins which increase strength, toughness, and wear life.

Luckily, the Inspire Series chains are available in pretty much any size in the entire MAXCO Roller Chain offering, as well as non-standard and made to order options.