SAV 715 Chain

SAV 715 Stainless Steel Chain


MAXCO MAXCO’s premium chain, this 6″ pitch collector chain offers unsurpassed years of performance and service duty. Quality precision manufacturing and 403 stainless composition sets this chain apart from any other collector chain. SAV 715 is ideal for all clarifier, bar screen, DAF and API applications. Performs best for high grit, snail shells and other extreme abrasion and service requirements. SAV 715 is surprisingly economical and offers a quick return on your investment.

  • 403 stainless steel.
  • Chain Saver Sidebars, extends life of chain and sprockets.
  • Available from Stock, supplied with F-226 or F-228 attachments.
  • Also Ideal for Bar Screens, High Grit Content, Demanding Service Applications
  • SAV Hybrid Sprocket

Link Material: 403 Stainless Steel
Pin Material: Hardened 403 SS
Pitch Length: 6″
Sprocket Type: SAV 715 Required
Minimum Ultimate Strength: 29,000 lbs.
Weight: 3.7 lbs. per ft.
Available Attachments: F-228 / F-226