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Effective March 1st, 2019, MAXCO will start offering sprockets to all of our customers.

Many of our current OEM customers have asked MAXCO to enter into the sprocket business and we have done so with great success ….. so we now feel with our new expanded corporate offices/ warehouse, machinists, new CNC machines we’re properly prepared to expand & service the sprocket market.

We currently have IN STOCK single strand carbon steel 35 – 100 Plain Bore, Finished Bore, QD and Taper Lock sprockets.

Most sprockets can be shipped within 24 hours while machined sprockets require about 3-4 days depending on quantity.

MAXCO sprockets, made in China, are all black oxide finished, all harden teeth, with 2 set screws (finished bores) along with keyway on a tooth center line as standard. We believe our new sprocket offering will complement our extensive roller chain offering the ability to package your roller chain and sprocket requirements.

Whatever the environment MAXCO Ltd. has the right sprocket for you. MAXCO’S trained sales staff has the knowledge and experience to find the right sprockets for your application.

Contact us today and experience the difference!