Screw and Spiral Conveyors for Waste Water

Jeffrey Screw Conveyor, FMC Screw Conveyor, Rex Chain Belt Screw Conveyor. Waste Water Screw Conveyor, sewage treatment Screw conveyor Cross collector Screw Conveyor, Primary Tank Cross Collector Screw Conveyor.


Screw Conveyors are of simple design and have been used in Waste Water applications for the last 65 years. The design consists primarily of a conveyor screw mounted in a stationary trough. Sludge is conveyed in the trough by rotation of the screw. Bearing hangers support the conveyor screw sections. Inlets, outlets, gates and other accessories direct the flow of the material and its discharge.

We see many rectangular Collectors with Screw Conveyors being used in the Cross Collector of Primary Tanks. Many of these Screw Conveyors were designed and installed by Jeffrey Manufacturing, Link Belt and Rex Chain Belt. Maxco can update your system. Attached are some design changes that can extend the life of your Screw Conveyors.

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